About WyckWyre

Launched in 2010, WyckWyre was created with the belief in mind that the restaurant and hospitality industries have drastically different needs when it comes to hiring. The industry's high annual turnover rates show the important need to find engaged and invested staff who will provide more value to their restaurants. WyckWyre worked hard to create a hiring system that successfully helps both independent restaurateurs and franchise owners alike source, pre-screen and hire high-quality, highly-engaged employees who are more likely to stay longer. 

WyckWyre believes that high-tech hiring should come with high-touch customer service. With WyckWyre, each customer receives their own dedicated Customer Success Specialist.  The Customer Success Specialists™ acts as a recruiting consultant for their customers, and ensures they are getting the most out of their day-to-day hiring practices.

WyckWyre works with many major food and hospitality brands throughout the United States.