The Hiring Game is Changing

Posted by Erin Sullivan on Fri, 8/21/2015

The Hiring Game is Changing

Here at WyckWyre one of the biggest issues we try to solve for potential and current customers is a lack of qualified applicants. Restaurants are always in need of a healthy flow of applicants, and of course, they prefer that they be well qualified! Some places want to receive virtual floods of applicants, but this also raises the issue of quantity versus quality. Would you rather have a swath of employees who aren’t adaptable and trainable or a smaller group of standout employees? Whatever the case, you can be sure your application process will be moving online (if it hasn’t already), and for the better!

What’s better for you? More applicants, or fewer, better applicants? Hiring and training can not only be chaotic, but it can be extremely costly. You wouldn’t hire ten applicants at a time without pre-screening them. Rather, you would have them apply and you would screen then interview them likely resulting in less than the initial number you started with. What technology has done for hiring in the restaurant industry is take this incredibly time consuming and mentally draining task out of the hiring equation and has allowed it all to be done online through an applicant tracking system(ATS).

How would this help me? Well for starters, think and reflect about how you feel about your current paper applications. Are you happy with them? No? You’re likely unhappy because they don’t get you the information you need, besides the basics, and often these applicants fill them out elsewhere and bring them in. Sometimes you do not even know who they are besides what they fill out in the applications, which can be really anything. What applicant tracking systems have done for the restaurant industry is made the gap between potential employees and businesses. Now managers can reach applicants over the internet, where the applicant can fill out CUSTOMIZED applications.

How would a customized application help my hiring process? Ultimately, this places you in a position to maximize your hiring time and budget by weeding out applicants who do not match your company values or requirements, thus leaving you with the best and most qualified applicants.  An ATS, customized by you, attracts the best applicants to your business, reducing turnover rate, increasing retention rates, and ultimately improving your bottom line.  

How exactly does an applicant tracking system get me more qualified candidates? Actually, that depends on how you decide to use this type of system. Applications, such as those found on WyckWyre, are completely customizable. Features of this application include: hard skills, soft skills, virtual interview, a section to submit a résumé, easy, direct messaging with the candidates, reference checks, and you have all of their contact information so you can even call them if you so choose. The result, you are ahead of the hiring game because you have all this information about an applicant at your fingertips, whereas  previously you needed an old school paper application and follow-up interview. The ATS allows you to essentially see the potential new hire’s compatibility before you’ve conducted an interview or shaken their hand, all online!

Happy Hiring!