Three Ways To Improve Applicant Flow Now

Posted by Melissa Walker on Fri, 5/08/2015

The number of applicants a job attracts is an important part of finding the right person to hire.  Applicant flow can also relate to the quality of your applicants; having higher quality applicants can far outweigh the benefits of large application numbers.  Here are three tips you can implement to improve your applicant flow:

1.Set up meaningful pre-screening questions.

Pre-screen qualifiers can act as your first line of defense for weeding out applicants who don’t want to spend time filling out applications.  With WyckWyre, you’ll see those applicants drop out during the application process, saving you from sorting through incomplete applications.  Also, pre-screen questions will give you great insight into the quality of the applicant.  Asking yes/no, short-answer, and multiple-choice questions in the application process will empower you with the necessary information to make educated decisions on who will be the right fit to move forward in your hiring process. 

2.Use your existing network of great people

People Report’s 2015 Recruiting and Turnover Report said that one of the top 3 New Hire Sources were referrals.  Whether you incentivize referrals or not, tapping into your existing network of great people can make huge differences for both your number and quality of applicants.  We’ve heard the saying, “birds of a feather stick together,” so if you have a great base of employees, why not encourage them to refer their friends and family?  If you have an online hiring site, referrals are easily made by providing the web link to your employees to pass along, either through marketing material, or even through their social media pages. 

Your network of people also includes your loyal customers.  If you have social media, advertising your hiring site on your pages can attract some really great, brand-loyal applicants.  Plus, it’s one of the best ways to attract millennials!

3.Make your job description a reflection of your business

Let’s be honest, job descriptions and applications can be dry.  The restaurant industry, as we know, is highly social and interactive… and anything but dry, so why not reflect that in your job application?  If you’re not attracting the right kind of applicants, think about what your application looks like.  Making the job description not-so-technical can go a long way in attracting applicants that aren’t just looking for some clock-in, clock-out boring job.  Some easy things to add are:

  • Benefits, even if they aren’t the “official” type—the more the better!
  • Employee testimonials: ask your existing staff what it’s like to work at your place, and add that in to your job description
  • Questions that reflect who you are as a brand.  Of course, we need to know the basics, like if the applicant is legally authorized to work.  If you’re a really fun, fast-paced restaurant, go ahead and throw some witty questions in the application.  If you like your servers to have a “foodie” mentality, ask them to describe their ideal meal to you.